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Ff7 chocobo breeding guide

Once you have bought your Covering Permission, you’ll want to go unlock chocobo breeding. Anyways, feed every Chocobo twenty Sylkis Greens then pick a male and female you want to breed; again, either two Great Chocobos, two Good Chocobos, or a Great and a Good. Can only be used on Disc 2 onwards!

Breeding Black Chocobo. Currently, Chocobo Eggs can be obtained from certain Sanction battlefields, purchased from Dabih Jajalioh near the Auction House in Ru&39;Lude Gardens, ff7 chocobo breeding guide by completing the quest Chocobo on the Loose! The goal of this side quest is to breed a Blue Chocobo, a Green Chocobo, a Black Chocobo and finally a Gold Chocobo. Chocobo breeding starts at the Chocobo Ranch. This is not all ff7 chocobo breeding guide Chocobo who has the potential to grow! Final Fantasy 7: How To Breed A Gold Chocobo Preparing The Greens, Materia, Money, & Nuts For Breeding.

In order to reach the Ancient Forest before ff7 chocobo breeding guide defeating Ultimate Weapon or any of the Materia Caves you&39;ll first need to breed unique Chocobos that are capable of crossing. ff7 chocobo breeding guide It should be a male. Final Fantasy VII ~ Gold Chocobo Breeding Guide. Banner and headers courtesy ff7 chocobo breeding guide ff7 chocobo breeding guide of the amazing MikelAL93. To get a Black, you need to get 9 combined wins between the Blue. Again it’s not absolute, but you can increase your chances of getting a black Chocobo by training the mother and father hard. 3) Now load the ff7 game and run into the Chocobo Farm as fast as you can. 4 Circuit Races 5 Preparing for a race 5.

Breeding A Blue, Green, Black Chocobo. 00: August V2. The different grades of food raises stats at set rates. We will exploit the broken ff7 RNG mechanics to breed precisely.

(After you have received the Highwind! Chocobo from Final Fantasy VII appears on a Triple Triad card in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App. This is a simple guide to breeding the fabled Gold Chocobo, the ultimate mode of transport in Final Fantasy VII. ff7 01: October Throughout this guide, you will be maxing out ff7 chocobo breeding guide all stats for all five colours of Chocobos, without using hacks. The breeding and racing side quest takes up quite a bit of time and is a highlight of the original game. So, if you breed a P1 with a P1, you&39;ll get a P2. 1, there is an alternate method to reach the Ring of Darkness.

Only the Gold Chocobo can reach this cave. Chocobo Breeding Side Quest. Unfortunately, Square Enix didn’t add Chocobo racing and breeding to Final Fantasy 7. 4) Talk to Choco Billy and select Moving Chocobos. The quest for breeding a Gold Chocobo is notorious among players for being the most frustrating sidequest in Final Fantasy VII.

Only those who are the ff7 chocobo breeding guide result. While there is only one name for the various items, "Chocobo Egg", they each have slightly different descriptions. If you breed a P1 with a P9 Cover, you&39;ll still get a P2. The Knights of the Round Materia Cave is located on a hidden island called Round Island in the northeast section of the world map. 0 ===== ==== Written by Steven D. Strategy | Chocobo Breeding Guide. If it&39;s less than nine: 10/256 chance: Black Chocobo 128/256 chance: Blue Chocobo 118/256 chance: Green Chocobo The baby&39;s ff7 chocobo breeding guide Rating will be either Great (50%) or Good ff7 chocobo breeding guide (50%) Otherwise, if both of the.

Feed and train your Blue and Green chocobos. Feed and train your Wonderful and Black chocobos. This is a blog that’s designed to be a comprehensive guide to the Chocobo Racing minigame in Final Fantasy ff7 XIV.

To breed these types of Chocobos, you&39;ll need to mate two &39;great&39; Chocobos (or one &39;great&39; and one &39;good&39; Chocobo) with the ff7 chocobo breeding guide Carob Nut. Once you reached rank 40 on a ff7 chocobo breeding guide chocobo, a quest icon should ff7 chocobo breeding guide have appeared above the Chocobokeep in Chocobo Square, the NPC standing to the right ff7 of the desk who’s wearing a chocobo suit. Home » Final Fantasy Type-0 » Chocobo Breeding Guide Chocobos are mounts used in the world of Orience. Can be reached with: Gold Chocobo. These friends could boost you with abilities.

2 Official Race 4. 1 Changing Affiliation 4 Join a Race 4. Chocobo Breeding - FF7 Walkthrough After you complete the Whirlwind Maze and escape from Junon you&39;ll be able to start breeding and raising Chocobos at Choco Bill&39;s farm. See more videos for Ff7 Chocobo Breeding Guide. I&39;ve mostly been getting my Chocobo pedigrees ff7 chocobo breeding guide up without any in-breeding (just buying covering permissions and praying ff7 chocobo breeding guide for good stats on the RNG). For Blue/Green you need to win 4 races combined. Every Rank you gain, you’ll get one training session to use to feed your chocobo. ) To get some really great items and Materia in Final Fantasy VII, you&39;ll need to breed Chocobos.

1 Chocobuck ff7 Exchange Centers 7. Feeding chocobos; The higher the rank the more it can eat. ff7 chocobo breeding guide Chocobo breeding is a sidequest in Final Fantasy VII involving Chocobos. The last section, the Step-By-Step guide, describes exactly how you should ff7 chocobo breeding guide use the information given earlier in order to ff7 chocobo breeding guide achieve the final goal of the Chocobo breeding quest, which is obtaining a Gold Chocobo. This is the complete guide to breeding and raising Chocobos!

Continue reading for more information about ff7 chocobo breeding guide the Chocobo Breeding Side Quest. 1 Jockey Orders & Equipment 6 Starting a Race 7 Rewards 7. The stats of the parent chocobo will drastically increase the player&39;s chances of. You&39;re ultimate goal is to achieve a Gold Chocobo and the following guide will help you get one. Speak to the man in the house and agree to buy all six.

This guide has 17. More info on all this later in the guide. So go fight some battles and then breed the 2 chocobos again with the Carob Nut. Chocobo breeding is a system implemented in FFERPG to breed your own personal transport. Chocobo breeding ff7 chocobo breeding guide is a very useful little sidequest that will eventually net you tons of great items. 2 How to Participate 3 Register Your Chocobo 3. Breeding Gold Chocobo. Note that the methods outlined here are not the only way, but this is the method that I have found to be the most effective.

ff7 chocobo breeding guide 1 What is Chocobo ff7 chocobo breeding guide Racing? Regardless of how high of a pedigree chocobo you use, you&39;ll only be able to increase pedigree by ff7 1 per breeding. Guide to breeding a stable full of "Perfect" Chocobos by DynamixDJ V1. More Ff7 Chocobo Breeding Guide images. After about 10 purchases I&39;ve registered a racing Chocobo with the following stats: Speed 4.

Check out the channel to see more: com/user/TFlevelup See the website: www. Chocobo breeding consumes time and gil. There are five basic kinds of chocobos in the game: · ff7 chocobo breeding guide Yellow chocobos - these are the normal chocobos, the ones that you can catch in the field. 1 Free Run schedule 4. To breed a gold chocobo, you need a "Zeio Nut".

The set also includes a chubby version resembling the chocobo that appears during Chocobocle Enemy Skill, or used as a mascot in Gold Saucer. BREEDING When you breed chocobos, you&39;ll need ff7 chocobo breeding guide at least a chocobo that is the same pedigree as your retired chocobo. ff7 chocobo breeding guide Merchandise edit | edit source When Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 plush toys of the colored chocobos the player can breed in the game were available from Japanese crane catcher games at arcades. com on 10/1/02 Final Fantasy VII is a copyright of SquareSoft LTD. Ive seen alot of Chocobo breeding questins the last 2 weeks so i figured id ff7 chocobo breeding guide post this. .

This guide is for the Final Fantasy VII PlayStation One version, but may be applicable to other versions. Unlocking Chocobo Breeding. You get these from Goblins on Goblin Island, an island located towards the North-East of the World Map. With it, all locations on the World Map are accessible. Feeding is fairly simple. First of all you&39;ll need to equip the Chocobo Lure Materia. Mate the Blue chocobo and the Green chocobo with a Carob Nut to get a Black Chocobo.

00: July V2. FFXIV Chocobo Breeding and Raising Guide by FawksB. If you have no idea what that is, you’ve probably gotten lost somewhere.

This document may be. or RPG_Master44 from neoseeker. 1 Novice Races 4. . The ranch is accessed from the main portal in Akademia. 2 Challenge Races 4.

Make them reach class A at least, class S if possible. The first 16 sections describe every possible aspect in Chocobo breeding in great detail. 5) Next, put the Wonderful Chocobo in a stable.

I&39;ve sort of side stepped a bit with ff7 chocobo breeding guide the instructions but focused on what colour to breed - like their class as I ended up breeding S-Class Black (M) and S-Class Wonderful (F) chocobo. However, breeding a Gold Chocobo will take some time, and a lot of effort. Once you’ve fed them greens and selected them, confirm you want to breed them and give them a Carob Nut.

===== ==== Chocobo FAQ/Breeding ff7 chocobo breeding guide Guide v1. You can begin ff7 chocobo breeding guide racing ff7 chocobo breeding guide Chocobos after you have rescued Cloud from the second visit to Mideel as this ff7 chocobo breeding guide is when Gold Saucer reopens for business. 3 The Pashhow Swamptrot 4. , or by breeding two chocobos. uk Follow us on Twitter:. The Chocobos that you breed can be used for racing in the Gold Saucer as well as for other side quests during the game. Race ff7 a male chocobo to level 40, retire it, race a female chocobo to level 40, retire it as well, and let them breed together.

Breeding the Black Chocobo ¶ Once you have A-Rank or S-Rank Green and Blue Chocobos, return ff7 chocobo breeding guide to the farm and breed your high-ranking Blue and Green Chocobos, feeding them a Carob Nut in the process. The posts in this blog are ff7 chocobo breeding guide organized according to a tiered system ff7 chocobo breeding guide based on what level of experience they are written to. &39;Great&39; Chocobos can be found near the tracks in the Rocket. With any luck you should find yourself the new owner of a Black Chocobo; capable of crossing rivers, shallow water, AND mountains!

Catch a Wonderful chocobo of the opposite sex of your Black one. Calling experienced Chocobo breeders. Now head to the Chocobo Farm.

FFVII - Chocobo Breeding This is a guide for how to breed a gold chocobo. Training sessions will stockpile, so it’s okay to save up for better food if you want to. Following this guide made it very much easier to do, and was actually fun. Note also that a white Chocobo is a ff7 requirement* to encounter Penance. It allows the ff7 chocobo breeding guide player to breed several different Chocobo breeds which can cross different terrain on the world map and access Materia ff7 chocobo breeding guide Caves, as well as breed Chocobos with higher stats for use in Chocobo racing.

Final Fantasy VII Zeio Nut - YouTube. ff7 Go to Icicle Inn area and capture a. Once the player has acquired the Highwind, they can catch. The Chocobo side quests are much easier later in the game once you have reached Disc 3. You can begin breeding Chocobos after you ff7 chocobo breeding guide have obtained the Highwind during the escape from Junon. This method can still be used. Breeding Chocobos is probably the main side quest of Final Fantasy 7 that everyone will remember. Select the GREAT one FIRST.

ff7 chocobo breeding guide If you ff7 chocobo breeding guide have followed this guide exactly, the chocobo will be Female. If the Goblins aren&39;t dropping it after the battles, just steal it. This guide has 17 sections.